Kingsley H. Smith  Powerhouse Radio:

 Rough Roads, Radiance, and Rebirth

Powerhouse Radio Book

Kingsley H. Smith is a multi-decade radio broadcast professional who worked full time in New York City, Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC (three top 10 USA markets). Eleven AM & FM outlets are some of his thrilling stops along the way toward big city commercial and public broadcasting job opportunities. What's in this book for you?

Powerhouse Radio: Rough Roads, Radiance, and Rebirth is an authentic true story about adversity, failure, and ultimate success. What approach does it take to plant a flag into tough broadcasting turf? How do you really carve out a place for yourself in the 'traditional' digital universe?

Take a virtual seat for this detailed journey that comes alive in paperback, eBook, and audiobook.

Here's a review from QBR The Black Book Review. Get Powerhouse Radio from iTunes, Audible, and these retailers:

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* Read a short Chapter Two segment (Paperback - eBook) at BookBaby.

* Listen to a short 4:28 Chapter Two segment from the Powerhouse Radio Audiobook.

Winter 2024 Events:

Saturday, February 10
Book reading and signing at L'Ouverture Books
6 Old Turnpike
Pleasantville, New Jersey
(right outside of Atlantic City)
Kingsley with Deltana, Sharon, and Veronica
Kingsley H. Smith at L'Overture Books

Kingsley H. Smith at L'Overture Books
George C. Watson, former on-air personality at WUSS Atlantic City and WTTH-FM Margate City, NJ, Kingsley, and Mike Ferriola, former chief engineer of WAYV-FM, A.C. We are at L'Ouverture Books.

2023 Events:

September: Harlem Book Fair, New York, New York with Mayor Eric Adams.

Harlem Book Fair
The Mayor postal-mailed Kingsley a very nice thank you letter expressing appreciation for the book.

2023 Events:

August: Black Label Comicon, Philadelphia, PA.

When Kingsley was at this event, he was pulled into comedian Chris Fraley's video podcast. Authors just can't pass up a promotional opportunity! The production is 6 minutes.