Kingsley H. Smith

Kingsley H. Smith

Kingsley H. Smith is an accomplished radio program director and announcer who worked for NPR in Washington, DC and WHYY radio - television in Philadelphia. He graduated from Rutgers University in 1988 with a B.S. in business and marketing.

Smith did additional graduate study in both communications at Philadelphia’s Temple University and computer interface design at La Salle University. Kingsley has written professionally since 2007. Smith completed comprehensive computer operations training from the Computer Communications Institute, Westmont, NJ.

Literary Titan Book Award

He now creates and publishes mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms and writes multiple blogs to support his software, Black history, and music interests. Powerhouse Radio: Rough Roads, Radiance, and Rebirth; My True AM - FM - Satellite - And Audio Streaming Survival Story is a 2024 Literary Titan, "Best of the Best" Book Award winner.

Literary Titan explains that "The Literary Titan Book Award recognizes outstanding nonfiction books that demonstrate exceptional quality in writing, research, and presentation. This award is dedicated to authors who excel in creating informative, enlightening, and engaging works that offer valuable insights."

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Watch these five short videos. Kingsley grows as a broadcast professional from 'playing' radio to 'creating radio,' in service to his broad community of engaged listeners. Radio broadcast experiences in upstate New York, Southern New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are featured segments for you to enjoy. More to come.